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Work Shops

One-day Workshop

In each workshop, you will cater to a unique category of cooking and baking with an exclusive menu and totally hands-on training.

Chocolate Fun Factory

Get a sneak peek into the one-day chocolate workshop by making simple chocolate truffles, bonbons, novelties, and some baked stuff.

Pizza Workshop

Master the art of making different types of Italian flatbreads in this exclusive pizza workshop.

French pastry Workshop

Get your hands on the peeking chemistry of dough in a French aura by making the finest French pastries from scratch.

Kids chocolate workshops

These chocolate workshops are designed to refine the skills of children who have a knack for chocolate making. These hands-on workshops include chocolate making, chocolate skills learning, and working with different colors and molds.

One day chocolate workshop for adults

For future chocolatiers, we have introduced these premium chocolate skills learning workshops. In these hands-on classes, you will learn to make tempting chocolate art, will work on colors, and create your own chocolate masterpieces.

Chocolate therapy workshop

Dive into the Ultimate Chocolate therapy experience by making interesting art pieces under the supervision of Pakistan’s first-ever certified Chocolatier. Delve into your own chocolate creativity with us.

Workshops for schools

We bring fun to your daily education grind by introducing baking and chocolate-making workshops for school students. We have developed tailor-made training courses (Week-long), especially for schools and their students

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