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Grand Diploma


Duration: 04 Months

Grand Diploma in Chocolate and Patisserie is a 16-week, highly extensive, practical program. In this diploma, students will acquire the essential techniques for making highly technical pastry and chocolate products by mastering tastes, textures, and shapes.

This course is specifically designed to provide the necessary skills for making pastry and chocolate products by grasping the main ingredients masters use to make their chef-d'oeuvre. By investing your 18 weeks in this program you will get to understand the working environment of a professional kitchen and master the most iconic recipes of chocolate and pastry along with fillings, sponges, mousses, glazes, and desserts.

Road Map

1. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Theory and Techniques:

Develop your palate by exploring the theoretical secrets and science behind the recipes and learning the fundamentals of chocolate and pastry-making techniques.

2. Module (Duration: 01 Week)

Adorn your cake boutique with a spectacular range of designer cakes made in our advanced cake-baking week.

3. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Pastry Passion:

From classic to contemporary, immerse yourself in one of our refined patisserie courses and grab the basic of creating perfectly molded pastries, ready for the hi-tea.

4. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
French pastry:

Get your hands on the peeking chemistry of dough in a French aura by making the finest French pastries from scratch.

5. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Ice-cream Week:

Glean the art of making chilled products and spiff up your fete with the best-flavored ice creams, waffles, and cones.

6. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Modern Dessert and Entremets:

Jumble the seasonal flavors with quality learning by making unique desserts and entremets.

7. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Cake Decoration and Fondant Art:

Engage yourself in making striking buttercream and Fondant cakes in our innovative hands-on classes where designing and creating a masterpiece out of fondant is a reality.

8. Module (Duration: 02 Week)
Chocolate Skills:

Plunge in the dynamic skills of chocolate making and work with premium couverture chocolates. Begin from the tempering stage and glide into the hand-crafted bean-to-bar process. Learn to make luxury chocolate bonbons, truffles, and seasonal chocolates in our exclusive chocolate skill week.

9. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Artisan Bread:

Embodied the artistic texture and flavors of artisan bread baking in a dynamic way from homemade to contemporary.

10. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Quick Bread:

Immerse yourself in the aura of our freshly baked bread. Knead your dough from scratch and revel in our classic bread week. Grasp the skill of making yeast pastries, sweet buns, and flavored bread.

11. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Breakfast Items:

Feast your eyes on the breakfast table assembled with a variety of tempting breakfast items. Learn to make a wide range of international breakfast recipes together with Pakistani cuisine.

12. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Hi-tea Trolley Week:

Indulge in the eternal beauty of your hi-tea table by making trendy everyday snacks. Set your temperature, balance your ingredients, and conquer the art of baking, coming straight from your oven to the table.

13. Module (Duration: 01 Week)
Complementary Classes:

Business Support and Social Media Marketing

14. Module
Final Display and Competition:

Participants will be awarded their diplomas in the Certificate distribution Ceremony.

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