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There are more young CEOs today than ever before, whether it is due to profligate inheritance, a family business, or own entrepreneurial success. But the rules of the game became tougher when it comes to a woman. Many incredible stories inspire you to achieve more. Zainab Shafiq is one of the names who is credited to become supposedly the youngest CEO in Pakistan.

Zainab has been lucky enough to have had good support and advice. Her current obsession with chocolate has led her to establish chocolate academy and take the step into entrepreneurism where she focuses on her online shop and keeping up-to-date social media links.

Her plan and ambition is to work on a chocolates that would meet the expectations of all gourmets, whether they are allergic (to lactose in particular) or vegan, and always with the guarantee of a product, pure and authentic, far from industrial production.

While holding down her high school and another small business, she is zealously working and burning her midnight oil to run Pakistan’s first dedicated chocolate and pastry academy.

Children enrolled in International Chocolate and Pastry Academy have the opportunity to participate in educational classes in a state-of-the-art kitchen. The unparalleled curriculum at Chocolate Academy provides new classes each week and ongoing program additions allowing students an opportunity to explore new themes, recipes, techniques, and so much more, all while doing fun activities.

But what’s in it for you? Zainab strives not only to create super tasty chocolates but also to share her passions openly by offering classes to everyone and tasting events. Plus there are always free samples to be had!!

Recently, against the backdrop of Global Youth Tourism Summit, Zainab Shafiq attended the landmark Summit happening in Italy. The program included interactive activities oriented towards the Sustainable Development Goals and how they interact with tourism.

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