Zainab Shafiq

Zainab Shafiq
Chief Executive Officer

Many young people long to reject the corporate path and hope to pursue ventures that they can get more satisfaction out of.

Some have channeled their entrepreneurial streak into home-based businesses, while others have started their own startups.

Zainab Shafiq is one of them. Education and training are important but opportunity is a bigger factor. Zainab has been lucky enough to have had good support and advice. Her current obsession with chocolate has led her to establish chocolate academy and take the step into entrepreneurism where she focuses on her online shop and keeping up-to-date social media links.

Zainab’s plan and ambition is to work on a chocolates that would meet the expectations of all gourmets, whether they are allergic (to lactose in particular) or vegan, and always with the guarantee of a product, pure and authentic, far from industrial production.

But what’s in it for you? Zainab strives not only to create super tasty chocolates but also to share her passions openly by offering classes and tasting events. Plus there are always free samples to be had!!


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