Pakistan’s first ever Chocolate Academy has unveiled its latest series in time for the Eid festivities, its Artisan Chocolate and Bonbon box – following the launch of designer cakes last year.

Zainab Shafiq, founder of Chocolate academy noted that her latest line features a variety of milk, white and dark chocolate bonbons of exotic flavors. The new 9 and 16 pieces boxes will appeal to consumers seeking out affordable luxuries.

The box features hand-made bonbons of fruit flavors including strawberry and orange. Other flavors include caramel, lemon, bunty, coffee, fonde, and almond crunch.

Customers can also add occasion-specific packaging, starting this festival season. The boxes can be purchased separately or with Eid Gift Baskets and other gift packages that contain freshly bakes macarons, muffins, chocolate bark, doughnuts and much more.

“Chocolate is the largest food gifting category in the world,” Zainab says. “So, it made sense for us to expand our offering to meet those gifting needs.”

Each of the new Chocolate Boxes are made from thickly molded, rich chocolate and contain cocoa that supports sustainable cacoa farming. The chocolates are also packaged in stylish boxes. With its tantalizing flavor combinations, rich, high-quality chocolate and beautiful packaging, Chocolate Academy’s signature boxes make the perfect gift for Eid and beyond.

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